Step in na de lift place man you look so devine.
Run de dancehall gal zookey a you have zookey de flow.
Sun Is Shining, rise Up, zookey, nomadic Knight.
Roland Richards - Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up).
Verse, sexy gal gal you so sexy na you soul lift and mind.Try Live365 free for 7 days today, Plus Save 20 Off dotFM Domain your Registrations @ your /live365.Understand me Rim zookey bah Rim bah.Ready you ready you come lift ge dem de whine.A want uno come show me alright.Your so sexy, rim ba Rim ba Rim ba Rim.Ready you ready you come have a goodtime.Is an online entertainment platform targeting consumers in Latin America with relevant music, video, live-stream concert and events, conversations and social media-powered content.Ready you ready you nar wait in line.So if you think you sexy.Lift you leg up (page two).

Bust de dance let the whole world know.
Work you body move your body work your body move you body (scream).
full So sexy, so if you think you sexy.Ring ba di ga getdataback di ga dim electromagnetics Rim bah home sexy.Your so sexy, ring ba di ga di ga dim windows Rim bah (repeat getdataback 4times) so sexy, rim lift bah Rim bah Rim bah Rim bah so sexy, rim bah Rim bah gal, chorus, lift you leg up work you body gal.Lift you leg up move you body come.Ring ba di ga di ga dim Rim bah (repeat 4times).Your so sexy Ring ba di ga di ga dim Rim bah.Rythem take man you have to let.

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A want you raise you hand let me see.

zookey lift your leg up