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Prevent home that from happening by tuning off the home-hotspot feature.
More: 12 Things You Didn't Know Could be Hacked.Follow Cherlynn Low setup at xfinity @CherlynnLow and on, google.You need the PCI ID number, which in wifi a Ubuntu based system can be found with (in terminal lspci -nn -d 14e4: wifi The number following 14e4: in the output xfinity is the actual home model.I can't connect to Xfinity's router outside of my home in Linux.

As the setup chart illustrates below, the Xfinity Wireless Gateway provided better coverage throughout in Allions test home.
Lots of stuff about it at xfinity ubuntuforums.
Then search ubuntuforums and askubuntu.
As I will be traveling around the country I wanted it to be able to connect to the Xfinity WiFi wherever it was available.
The SMC models have only one antenna.quot; 11th Jan 2015 22:55 #6, wifi originally Posted by, hoser Rob, turning off full the 5GHz does work in linux for some problematic wifi cards but it's not a general purpose solution.The same computer (Netbook) will connect in XP, but not in Linux.quot; 10th Jan 2015 08:05 #3, hoser anks for the reply.If the wireless adapter truly isn't supported in linux you're better off just buying a USB wireless dongle that is properly supported.I've had wireless issues with my netbook and done exactly that in Mint, though I've distro hopped on it too.It's nowhere near as good as ubuntu's.The company has already activated this feature on hundreds of thousands of routers all around the United States.When I say connect I really mean will it even see Xfinity like it does.

Though that's not xfinity home wifi setup as transparent as it sounds.
Click "Manage Xfinity WiFi " under the Service Address section.