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Indeed, it is very inconvenience.
Pin, Peek, Jump Lists, and more.
Here are a few of them.DisplayFusion 25, displayFusion isnt a free solution, though it does a lot more than just extend your taskbar.Once its launched, it just quietly sits in the background doing its job with only less than 10M of RAM in use.But monitor luckily there are third-party solutions that allow the taskbar to appear on taskbar multiple monitors in Windows.Multi-Monitor taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable Hotkeys.Notification Area dual on Each Monitor, pin dual Programs to Secondary Taskbar, windows multi-Monitor Task Switcher.Additional windows Window Menu Commands, at 29, you can opt for the Pro version, giving you the ability to use the program in both corporate and personal settings.Some software allow to extend the taskbar to both dual monitor and some duplicate the taskbar on both the monitors.Here are some of the features currently available monitor on Dual Monitor Taskbar: Start Button (beta taskbar on the Second Monitor.

Actual Multiple Monitors by Actual Tools is a software solution that extends version your taskbar to a second monitor in a mirrored, independent, or mixed state.
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Now book Windows 7 also has the native support for multi-monitor taskbars in 2018.
What are the Pros of Taskbar in Windows 7?In individual mode, each version taskbar displays the buttons only for windows which are on sharpening the same monitor.Essentially, DisplayFusion is an all-in-one supplement to built-in Windows desktop management options.It isnt perfect, but it doesnt book require you to spend money to use all of its features.You can also set a specific font on the secondary taskbar to make it a bit more suited to your personal tastes.Open, control Panel, navigate to the following item boss on the first monitor.Now select the Screen Resolution on the 2nd Display.The taskbar on each monitor can be configured to show all windows, or only the windows that are located on that monitor.Currently, it is only tested for Windows 7 and Windows Server version 2008.