The objects in an Active Directory domain are computers arranged in a hierarchy, something like the windows hierarchy of folders within folders on your hard drive.
They also require high-octane expertise to install and maintain.
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Turn Windows features on or off.However, you very well may encounter the Active Directory at your company.After directory creating a domain by installing Active Directory on a server computer, network administrators can set about filling the directory (database) active with information about the network's resources.Some companies base their directory-tree designs on the organization of the company, using departments and divisions as the building blocks.Hi, Based on my understanding, Remote Server Administration Tools for professional Windows 7 is to enable the IT administrators to manage roles and features that are active installed on remote computers that are running Windows Server from a remote computer active that is running Windows 7, we should.

Alex Zhao, techNet Community Support.
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One key discovered offering of these specialized Windows versions is an elaborate application called Active Directory.
These are far more expensive operating systems (the price depends on the number of machines that they serve) and they run only on high-octane PCs.Put sAMAccountName "lanov "lanov @m ObjUser.The steps below detail how computers to do this.Active Directory lets network administrators maintain an enormous hierarchy of computers.OK to save the changes, once it is installed you can use the Windows Start menu to find.When you run the update package you will see this message, which explains that you are able to install an update click.Remote Server Administration Tools windows (rsat).Expand, remote Server Administration Tools game Role discovered Administration Tools AD DS and AD LDS Tools AD DS Tools.I Accept, the installation will take a few minutes, when wasiat complete click.Windows 7 networking, as you know, Microsoft sells several versions of Windows 7: Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.One key difference is that computers game running the two Home editions can't join a domain.