YES, yES, enhanced home media streaming, yES, yES.
Additional features include: BitLocker Drive Encryption, 35 different languages to choose from, AppLocker (allows blocking of certain software from running on the comp BranchCache, Direct boot from VHD, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, DirectAccess, etc.
As you can see, location aware requirements printing, domain join and ultimate group policy controls, remote ultimate desktop host, advanced back-up, and encrypting system file system features arent present in the Home Premium edition and is available only in Professional system and Ultimate editions.
Windows 7 Home Premium, windows 7 Ultimate, improved Windows Taskbar Jump Lists.Basic inbox games, yES, yES, credential Manager.As premium the name suggests, the Home Premium is designed for home users, the Professional one is for professionals who need advanced features such as remote desktop and location aware printing.This checklist is adapted from the diagrams provided by Microsoft.YES, yES, windows Media Player, yES, yES.The Ultimate version was created for users that wanted every type of upgrade available in their computers, along with for those that require high-end security features for their home systems.The 7 Ultimate edition shares the same home features as the Enterprise, but is available for retail rather than volume licensing.Now that we have Windows 7 pricing and upgrade matrix, lets check the difference between the most wanted Windows 7 editions: Windows 7 home premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.These features are more beneficial to corporate companies that require more system protection.Similar to the other Windows operating systems, the company launched editions or a variety of the operating system with limited or additional features.

All versions of Windows 7 will receive Mainstream Support until January 2015 and Extended Support till January 2020.
In addition to these features, it also offers Windows Aero layout for providing aesthetic appeal.
All versions of Windows 7, except the Windows 7 Starter and Home ultimate Basic version will play DVDs without the need for downloading any extra software.The Ultimate version has all of the features that are available and is home the costliest.YES, yES, windows Search, yES, yES, join a HomeGroup.Windows 7 is premium an operating system that was launched by Microsoft in October 2009 as an upgrade to Windows Vista.This version shares the same features as the Windows 7 Enterprise; however, it is available for home users on an individual license basis.These new features are in addition to the features that are already available Windows Starter and Home Basic (available only in emerging markets).There are only a few features in Windows 7 Ultimate that could be proven useful for individuals, while others are better suited for IT Professionals.This is done to ensure that each user will only have to pay for the features that he/she requires.Microsoft has placed heavy focus on the making it home-friendly and an entertainment OS, offering features such as Windows Media Center and multi-touch support.YES, yES, application Capabilities, yES, yES Live Thumbnails Previews from Taskbar YES YES Fast User Switching YES YES Create ad-hoc wireless networks YES YES Internet Connection Sharing YES YES Multi-monitor support YES YES Windows Mobility Center (without presentation settings) YES YES Aero Glass Advanced Window.Key Difference: windows Windows 7 Home Premium is an edition that the company has released that is aimed at the Home market.Windows 7 Ultimate is one of the highest versions of the system offered by Microsoft.The Home Premium version is the main version that is available for home users and has placed more focus on entertainment and aesthetic appeal.Windows 7 Home Premium, windows 7 Professional, windows 7 Ultimate / Enterpise.Back-up and Restore, yES, yES, enhanced Media Player, yES, yES, action Center, yES, yES, device Stage (Crates a homepage for a device attached to the computer).