will office 2000 run on windows 8

Either way, I wouldn't install or use anything below Office 2007 on Windows.x.
I just bought a Lenovo laptop with Windows will 8 installed, upgraded it.1.
Windows 8 also doesn't have XP windows Mode, that was only in windows Windows 7, but Windows 8 can will still use a virtual environment with Hyper-V and windows VMware.I've been using these ancient programs simply because they're all I need for the work.In addition, both Office 2000 and Windows 2000 are EoL and have not will had any security or functionality updates in quite some time.Before starting your own thread and asking a question, please read.It's easier on everyone if you took the extra time to include that information in your initial question/post.Error configuring odbc data source: Visual Fox will Pro Database.Why wait a day or two for IT Professionals to have to ask questions concerning the technological basis of your question?Windows 7 is that Outlook will not remember your password.As an IT Professional windows yourself, you can understand the importance of including proper technical information with your question to help us help you.You can check if your Windows is 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) by right clicking on Computer, My Computer, Local Computer, This Computer or whatever it's called on your Desktop, then left-click on Properties and look at "System Type" in the window that comes.Welcome to the Spiceworks IT Professional Community, exclusively for IT Professionals.Would one of these be able to let me run the programs?

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Do you have any recomendations on how to load this program internet jaya when my laptop does not have a CD drive?
As I trudge along the learning curve, aomei I read that security neither of my earlier versions of Microsoft FP (2002) or Office (2000) would run under Windows.
The sanity of IT Professionals can be fragile, so please do not send any more IT Professionals to mental institutions than absolutely necessary.Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003.I have never went out to look for updates as tghe features I am able to use seem to work just fine smartscore for.Even Office 2003 is now EoL and hasn't had security updates for about a year (Same time Windows XP went End of Life).Not providing the necessary technical information wastes everyone's time, yours and ours.

Be aware that the will office 2000 run on windows 8 major incompatibility between Office 2000 and.
My questions: (1) Am I correct in assuming that even if I installed the "Visual Fox Pro Database" that Windows 8 just won't let me run the programs, and that there is no workaround?
(2) I have seen several writeups online for a Windows XP emulation (?simulation) for Window.