VB6 is still required to maintain and update a legacy system already in place.
If you have 7-Zip archiver (If you dont have, you can download 7-Zip from here go visual to the install IE4 folder located install in the VB6 installation files, right click at msjavx86.exe, go to 7-Zip and select.
Now open your project in the Visual Basic IDE and it should load.Add the Grid back on again, ensuring that you get the name exactly right.If you couldn't get this far install then you need to uninstall and reinstall the component (which might be a good idea anyway).You can ignore that warning popup by clicking OK and proceeding with the installation.Notepad, Notepad, UltraEdit etc).Create a 0-byte file in the C:Windows directory windows called msjava.When you get to the installation part that asks you to choose the components install from the list, select.Custom and click Next.Take note of the location and name of the OCX (I may have got the name wrong above!).Place a DBGrid on the form.

I trying to singularity get rid from vb6 but u know that i dont have a choice because i need to do a comparison between this language.
Hide Copy Code, objectC932BA A56C-00AA003668DC#1.1#0; vbalSGrid6.ocx.
If you follow the default installation options, chances are youll experience the Setup is updating your system progress getting stuck, especially on hack a 64-bit Windows operating system.
Make sure to select.Download the VB6 Service Pack 6 from and install.If everything is fine so far then carry on to check the following.Click the link to begin downloading.Then select the directory you created on your computer.I realize it is a legacy hack IDE and my research on the net hasn't singularity been that much of help.This deer time the line will deer look something like.If hack you are unable to follow the steps above, or dont want to install additional programs such as 7-Zip, you can download the msjava.Is there any possible way for me to install vb6 in windows 7 ultimate edition 64bit Operating System?The steps below were put together from a few posts on different sites; mostly for Vista, but so far everything has been running smoothly on 7 for.I manager did trying to do all the possible way to fix it including to follow this great step from CHill60 but still failed to fix.

Basically the VB6 setup checks if the file msjava.
On any Program Compatibility Assistant warnings, click Run Program.
Run the file from the download directory.