AT T offers two different kinds of plans plans: prepaid and postpaid.
Unlike the original iPad, the iPad 2 with 3G will be plans verizon available on either AT T or Verizon.
And for most of us, that'll be plenty of data.Similarly, a 250 MB AT T customer that verizon uses 251 MB would pay 10 a month more than a Verizon customer.You've decided to.Go over that limit, and you could be shelling out ipad a lot, depending on your plan.But how much do ipad they ipad cost?If both AT T and Verizon have the same coverage in your area, it is going to be a matter of cost.IPad 2: The Wi-Fi.IPad Data Plan Comparison, plan, aT T, verizon.99 for 250 MB 20 for 1 GB 2 30 for 3 GB 30 for 2 GB 3 50 for 5 GB 50 for.

(For a terlarang comprehensive view of how much you'll tally pay elementary per quarter-gigabyte, click here to open a spreadsheet we've compiled.).
That feature alone is almost worth the 20 per month just to use as a backup internet source.
And while both carriers offer a 5 GB plan for 50, AT T offers 3 GB a month for 30, while Verizon just offers 2 GB a month at the same price.
But how often will you be using the network and how often will you.
So those planning to use it martin may want to give the Verizon model a second look.So which one is better?In this way, it is in the carrier's best interests to offer the functionality for free in hopes that veer they can charge you more for the data.Buy, buying Guides d3sign / Getty Images 29 29 people found this article helpful.And as aforementioned, it doesnt look like the carrier will be supporting the iPads hotspot feature by headway launch day.Verizon supports more 4G markets, and if your area is not supported, chances are that Verizon will hit it first.With the prepaid plan, AT T makes you shell out money before the start of each month, and the network simply charges your credit card anew each month or each time you go over your data limit.Perhaps the best solution is to go for the middle tier plan and keep an eye wasiat on how much data you are using.So if you are in the middle, AT T wins the price war.In fact, many people do not sign up for a plan right at first, reserving that for when they take vacation or a business trip and might really use the plan.