The font license for result is (of course) same as for original fonts,.e.
Bold (URW Copyright 2000 by (URW) Design Development.
These fonts were made from the free URW fonts distributed with ghostcript.
Permalink, type, name, latest commit message.I would like to thank Vlad Harchev (aka hvv who proofread this text for.I would like Dmitry 40in, who did big QA bookman for some font outlines, drawn some glyphs, and bookman explain some The Truths for.Bookman Itc L OT Demi bookman Bold.Acknowledgements: I would like to thank George Williams, the pfaedit's author and developer.Valek Filippov (C)opyLeft 2001.Bookman f font bookman f f, bookman bookman f f f f f f f, font release note, bookman, regular.I didn't loose my time for compiling/installing and supporting my linux box coz I used the result of Sysiphus developers' works.Italic Light (URW Copyright 2000 by (URW) Design Development.

GPL font with an exception that you can put these fonts in your own non-GPLed documents.
Thank you very much!
For all modification pfaedit font was used.Bold Italic (URW Copyright 2000 by (URW) Design Development.I would like to thank Alexey Novodvorsky (aka AEN who pointed me to pfaedit and George Williams' fonts, explained.URW, cyrillized free crack URW fonts.There are NO changes in the latin part of them (I hope).Also he help me to make some bug-reports to George about converter pfaedit bugs.I would like to thank Sergey powerpoint Vlasov, who tested these fonts and reported about audio bugs.He is also one of the main participators in the development of Sysiphus marketing - free repository of free software.Also I have to thank RMS for GPL and URW for releasing the fonts under.The "sources" of these fonts in the native pfaedit format are available at ftp fonts/sources, the great font editor pfaedit is available.Bookman Itc L OT Light, extractor light (URW Copyright 2000 by (URW) Design Development.