After a uncharted couple seconds they should throw a grenade.
Download, preview, content: Multiplayer (Chateau Yemen maps) Size:.6 MB This DPS contains annotated maps of the Chateau and Yemen destinations, including all uncharted weapons and treasures.
In addition, uncharted you guide can find a list of each treasure location by chapter, with images, in the appendix section of the guide, as well as a trophy walkthrough for any trophies you may be missing.
More than enough to get the trophy.All treasures are saved uncharted automatically when collecting them.Marco Solo Play in the swimming pool on the Cruise Ship This can only be done in Chapter 14 Cruisin For A Bruisin After climbing up some containers you will come to an area with 4 enemies.Switch between picking up weapon.Download Preview Content: official official Cast Gallery (Collectors Edition only) Size:.3 MB In this bonus section, members of the Naughty Dog team share insights on the creative processes behind the appearance of all major characters in uncharted 3: drake'S deception.Brute Beater Successfully counter all of a Brutes damage-giving attacks This doesnt seem to work with the Brute official in the first Chapter (the one that fights against you in the restroom).Hints for Uncharted 3, tips for Uncharted 3, walkthrough for Uncharted.After taking all of them out you will need to open a red gate that leads to the area with the pool.After you opened the door for Elena, a Jeep will come.

This Guide answers provides simple, quick and easy access to every tips, tricks and complete walk-through for the most iconic "Uncharted 3" game ultrasound on all consoles/platforms.
You will animation need to open a door for Elena.
You will encounter some enemies and have to pass a bridge.So if youre curious about how a video game character comes to life, there is ohcm no better authority than the actors themselves and the stories youll read in Drakes Journal.Uncharted 3 music score.You will get into a brawl with the guys in black suits who have been hunting you in previous chapters.Keep repeating this process 10 knowledge times and the trophy will pop.The grenade will explode if your timing isnt correct.While doing this we will warn you of any dangers ahead and suggest making certain actions to avoid as much conflict as possible.Download, preview, content: Contents, generator size:.1 MB, this page shows everything you can find in the Complete Official Guide touncharted.Take your device to the next level with elev8!You can replay each chapter at any time to pick up missing collectibles.Reload the Checkpoint if you mess.Now get yourself killed and repeat twice.This guide is intended only to help game fans playing this excellent game.Uncharted 3 series is unarguably a hugely influential edition series in gaminghistory.4 Guys should jump out of the truck and get killed instantly.