Assign review midi instrument sounds to parts and to contrapuntal voices.
With more accuracy on more symbols than any other scanning review software, review SmartScore X2 Pro allows you to manipulate smartscore your smartscore music in endless ways.
From start to finish, SmartScore will make your work easier, faster, smartscore and a lot more fun.
Extract parts from a score or merge parts into a conductor's score.Transpose by key or clef.Spend more time with the review music and less time correcting mistakes.Even optimized smartscore scores maintain playback continuity.Band arrangements, operas, hymns, musicals, orchestral parts, and scores appear on-screen in editable and playable form within seconds after scanning.

Includes precision recognition of lyrics, text and cyber chord symbols.
The demo is a fully functioning copy of SmartScore, but files cannot be saved or printed.
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