Sjoerd, clock 9 yrs, hi, When RDM is installed file in folder other than program files, it's looking in the current folder.
The interesting thing is, it appears that your saving a manager "file" as the file explorer dialog will come.
If you go back into rdcm desktop and choose open, and browse to manager that location, you can open the "ghost" file I just double checked that show hidden files and operating system files is enabled, so I can see both.Application running on desktop Terminal Server, This is the roaming profile and avoids multi-user desktop conflicts.Also, I added a fallback plan, this mean that if manager the cfg file is not found, it look at remote the other folder: moteDesktopManager.Create a file named "g" in the application folder.This took me about an hour to figure out too, if you select the group and go into the menu you can do the save AS; which will allow you to save the.rdg file to a different location.A hyperlink displays the installation folder.Options - Advanced, the configuration file can be located in different folders depending on certain conditions: Installed under "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86.

On one computer I see this number error coming up: 12/9/2010 4:22 Exception has been thrown by thetarget of stage an invocation.
Set the desired path in game the key OptionPath.
Installation folder, having the configuration file in the installation folder allows you to run multiple versions of the application side-by-side.Ctor - End playboy of inner exception stack trace- eateInstance(RuntimeType type, Boolean publicOnly, antivirus Boolean noCheck, Boolean canBeCached, RuntimeMethodHandle ctor, Boolean bNeedSecurityCheck) eateInstanceSlow(Boolean publicOnly, Boolean fillCache) eateInstanceImpl(Boolean publicOnly, BooleanskipVisibilityChecks, Boolean fillCache) at eateInstance(Typetype, Boolean nonPublic) eateMainForm t_FrmMain in(String args) Cheers!David Hervieux, clock 9 yrs, oK, then that is our problem.David Hervieux Clock 9 yrs Seems to be working, for a couple of pc's.There is a registry key to force the option eset folder.Can you verify in the last page of the application Option, at the bottom, you will see what RDM has detected.Override the Default Path, there are two ways to change the folder where the configuration file is stored:.I think that if serial you do an RDP on the machine, RDM considere it as a Terminal session.Hi, I have setup noticed something weird.Sjoerd, clock 9 yrs, hi, Can you try this version, the workstation are no longer detected as a Terminal machine.