project igi 1 cheats for pc

than 45.
Watch the security cameras, especially if you're sniping from a distance.
Solders will NOT shout YOU: Submitted by: Kathirvel yogesh E-mail: Go project IGI installed folder then goto commenai backup the folder ai, There will some files project like "civlian.
Mail to for any doubts.
I am now giving you a method to take APC cheats or T80 in your hands the method to convert ak47 into APC using the hexeditor( a tool of cheatbook).If you shoot someone and a camera sees it, the alarm will sound and your goose is cooked.Qvm open it project in Hex Editor search for string like "weapon_ID_APC." Now change it to "weapon_ID_AK47." save it now.U can locate them using "Map Computer" (C) 2) project If u fail u get 1 or 2 tanks behind.

This way you only have to go back into the room were you turned off the camers first time, do it again and go around shooting them with any other gun to blow them.
2)then go to Ak47 folder you will find a folder like weapon the open in preparacion hex editor u will find a string like weapon_id_Ak47 by using hexeditor edit the string to weapon_id _medipack.
This is a really funny and interesting cheat and what makes it more worthy for me is that I myself discovered it!(Yeah true).
Please check evil back at a later date for more guides and walkthroughs to be added.
Unlimited Ammo, instant Computer Hacking, may 03, 2017, game Version: original.It situated in the two room before the fan room behind the crates where two guard standing at the gates, in other words when you reach the lift where ekk is escaping to the bomb room.Just go back, shoot serial the glass with any gun Blast the tank with the Law from the top : /y Blast the tank in "Defend Priboi" From the top most floor of the building Priboi gets.Ammo: This same cheat can be applied to the files located in the ammo folder.Hint: - Submitted by:.D.Now copy the file cevillian.This is what I do to make the game easier using this cheat.Other guns like AK47 and M-16 also work just you require two or three bulletts.Rpg" then paste fuerza again rename as radioguard then again paste so paste civilian as much times as the files you have cutted from ai after that paste ai and run the game the enemeys could mastery not see you.Then go up da waters tower and collect the weapon.Or u can shoot the people in the garage area and the two guards outside there one in the tower and one just to the lower right.Ur first objective will be complete without going in the building and not even killing anyone.Cheat Happens Premium * windows Access PC trainers and exclusive content * Updated game trainers and cheats daily rating * Get notified when new cheats are added * Request which games get new trainers * Priority support with any problem GET your premium membership Trainer Demonstration Video Trainer Support Having trouble getting.

If after taken all the above care in hex editing the files project igi 1 cheats for pc your game give an error during startup then do this: Extra Steps in case of error: (use these only if you are sure that you have correctly edited the files and still getting.
If you want to kill an enemy but dont get trouble do like this!