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The programme kicks off this half-term (February 19 to 27) with the Rainforest Time Quest when visitors can travel back in time to prehistoric jungles game and follow in the footsteps of eden adventurers.
The Eden Project is announcing its most spectacular events calendar ever to celebrate its 10th birthday year.
Yes this game is short, buts not made to be a full "play the 8 hours campaign" and be done game with.The event is included in the price game of project admission.During the summer holidays therell be a celebration of play in the great outdoors including den building, eden summer splash, and, for the first time, circus full skills.Part of the Dirt season developed with the Wellcome Trust, therell be exhibits on the magic of manure including how its used in food production and shelter-building the evolution of loos and family activities like the flush game.

If you have a 3D TV and a Move you are in for a real treat.
This is going to battleship be a great year for everyone to come to Eden keep an eye on our website for all the andreas details.
It's the world premiere of this new event presented.
To celebrate our 10th birthday, were putting on the biggest line-up of events ever at crack Eden, from a hilarious sports day with Shaun the Sheep in the Easter holidays to an exhibition on the science throne of poo in May diskfighter half-term.This activity is included in the standard Eden admission price.Disclaimer: If you have epilepsy you will want to skip this.Among other unique mechanics of Project Eden is the fact that player characters don't die; instead, they are respawned at the last checkpoint, where their health is fully restored.It's an on rails, music rhythmIf you enjoyed Rez, you will definitely want to pick this game up!Festival of Play is coming to Eden from July 23 to September 4 and is included in admission.Eden is also planning a unique, summer extravaganza for all the family with a full announcement due in the next few weeks.Budding explorers will get to track down treasures in the Rainforest Biome and meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex.Similar in style but with a few additions.Players switch between control of four UPA (Urban Protection Agency) agents, each with their own special abilities, as they work their way through a city book that has grown upward and upward, leaving delving buildings and neighborhoods "below city limits.".Awesome soundtrack if you are into techno/dance music.As autumn sets in, scary experiences will beckon thrill-seekers to Eden over Halloween half-term week.If you enjoyed Rez, you will definitely want to pick this game up!If you plan on using the tiny tv speakers you wont get to fully appreciate this work of art.

Martin Williams, Edens marketing director, said: Since 2001 weve welcomed nearly 13 project eden full game million visitors from around the world to Eden and this year were looking back at all that weve achieved over the last 10 years as well as looking forward to all the exciting.
Freaky Nature with Poo is included in admission and takes place from May 28 to June.