This gives a glitch play at the start.
Short Review As a launch title for the PSP, Ridge Racer knocked it out of the park.
Theres also bonus mini-games and playable characters, making this a must-own games for Castlevania fans.As you progress through the game, youll meet new characters and add them to your party, as well as level up your existing ones.Burnout Legends Criterion Games/EA Games, 2005 Racing » Arcade » Automobile Synopsis games If burning rubber, high play speed crashes, and incredibly cool cars sound play fun to you, play then games this is your game.Short Review Few games are as fun as the Tony Hawks skateboarding games, and this entry in games the series is no slacker.In this game, you defend a base by building defensive towers.

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The visuals are cute and player pixelated, lending a regioncode retro feel to the game.
There are even specality modes like Pursuit, where you regioncode play clip as a police car trying to take down racers.An AC adapter for your PSP is a good idea, but not essential.The other two modes are versions of the first two modes, but with different time limits.Test Drive Unlimited Melbourne House/Atari SA, asda 2007 Racing » Simulation » Automobile Synopsis Race through a tropical open island clip in a slew of awesome cars, challenging racers and earning upgrades.The addictive nature of the gameplay loop makes it great for repeated plays, even if the story leaves a bit to be desired.Patapon SCE Japan Studio/scea, 2008 Action » Rhythm » Music Synopsis A tribe of cartoon characters named Patapon try to regain their land from their enemies, the Zigoton Empire.N SilverBirch Studios/Atari SA, 2008 Action » Platformer » 2D Synopsis Take on brutally tough platforming levels in this challenging but fair game of being a ninja.Velocity FuturLab, 2012 Action » Shooter » Shoot-Em-Up » Vertical Synopsis This addictive space shooter will test your reflexes and your accuracy, with tons of enemies and difficult stage layouts.Its tough, but its tons of fun, and great for any fan of espionage and spy movies.Its up to you to safely guide them back to their home by fighting, running, and outsmarting your enemies.Youll trace lines, press buttons to the beat, and have a great time.The wacky stages and creepy enemies make this a platformer you wont forget.Short Review This entry of Madden has a bunch of new features, including an updated kick meter, a special highlight stick, and revamped blocking controls.As clip always, you can pick your favorite NFL team and take them through single games or entire seasons of play.Short Review Patapon is a great game with a wonderful art style, beautiful colors, and catchy music.