nfs carbon car editor

Need for Speed Carbon Save Editor displays a editor user-friendly interface which makes it accessible to anyone editor who wants to use.
You can download it from here:- /coderipper, open your NFS Carbon savegame in it click on Tools button.
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System requirements, need for Speed Carbon save file.Making Changes Basic Modifications Basic modifcations carbon editor have been explained editor in the Most Wanted Hex Editing topic Remove the texture vinyl editor Some of the cars (which aren't meant to be bought) come with a texture vinyl and not a true carbon vinyl.Vinyl Slot carbon Hex Editor The vinyl slots editor start at 0002FEB8h.This page is protected from edits by unregistered or anonymous users to minimize vandalism.

Career slot 02 will then start at 02h x 34h 68h 0E44228Ch 15C70h 0E457F64h.
Example: If your customization link number is 21, you excel should go to 21h x 470h 9270h 00011B70h 0001ADE0h.
Transmission: This is the current performance upgrade level of the car's transmission.
books The Audi will have a side skirt only.There is space for 75 game customization entries.Memory Editor As your memory is quite big, you need to search for a value you want to edit (if you know it) or which is located near the value you want to edit.Tires: This is the current performance upgrade level of the car's tires.It's the number of the career slot which belongs to this player car (Note: it is FF if it's not a career car).So the start of the part slot chain is at 664h x 4h 1990h 00026A48h 000283D8h.One of our resident hex editors will try to answer your question as soon as possible.Codes Car Codes Player Cars Hexadecimal code Car Name subtitles 03E618F9 500AA602 Shelby.T.500 08D4BE6E subtitles 08D4BE6E Dodge Viper SRT10 0A4F24BA 4A3E5F1D Jaguar XK 0BC42C7B 0BC42C7B Lamborghini Gallardo 12AC7670 12AC7670 Mazdaspeed Toyota Corolla GT-S Chevrolet Camaro SS 21BF2B94 21BF2B94 VW Golf R32 2C327487 2C327487 Audi LeMans Quattro 2C327487 CB5A6245 Audi LeMans Quattro 2FAF7782 2FAF7782 Mercedes CLK 500 33C8098E 33C8098E.Apart from changing your in-game money amount, you are also able to change your alias and crew name, increase or reduce the heat level on any of the cars you own, minecraft as well as unlock everything there.Rotate: This is the value the vinyl has been rotated.Hexcode Vinyl Name 3D7D 21st Street 3F7D Black Hearts 417D Bushido 437D Camaro SS Stock 457D Dodge Challenger Concept Stock 477D Dodge Charger patch SRT08 Bonus 497D Chevrolet Chevelle SS Stock 4B7D Los Colibris 4D7D Toyota Corolla GT-S Stock 4F7D Unknown 517D Lotus Europa S Bonus.Color1: This is the vinyl's first color value.Scale: this is the vinyl's scale value.