It's been said by Glukhovsky himself that Metro: Exodusitself a separate story that he himself wrote with developer 4A gamescontinues where Metro 2035 left off and the discoveries that Artyom makes in that book.
None of series the works has book yet been translated into English.
Poland (where the project is growing rapidly) and Hungary (where it has also gathered a cult following).
Dmitry Glukhovsky - metro 2033: The Gospel According to Artyom that would be worth reading to bridge the gap between 20, particularly if you're like me and love to hoover up all the lore available.
universe Outside of the region, Germany has received some translations; even series fewer stories from the series have also been published in Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, and South Korea.Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback.See all prices, dmitry Glukhovsky: Metro 2035.99, see all prices, we check over 130 million products every metro day for the best prices.There's often a bit of difference between the cover art as series metro well depending on what country you're shopping from (or for) but the titles will guide you true.It will also give you a very strong sense of belonging with the underground tunnels as communities, and the only world that Artyom has known.

If post-apocalyptic settings, devastated wastelands, carefully described misery, cramped spaces and the color gray are your things, then the Metro 2033 books are definitely for you.
Witcher books so its easy to know the order, but, if you're looking for extra clarity on exactly how to get started, and what to expect then you're in the right place.
Sexueller Missbrauch von Kindern.The characters, and especially the different factions along the metro lines series are also great examples of this where the books set the vision, and the games truly bring them to life.The Metro 2033 books: reading order and beginner's guide.And you'll start to see that straight from the first couple of chapters.The first game and book are very close and perfectly complement each other.Dmitry Glukhovsky: Metro 2033, universe see all prices, dmitry Glukhovsky: Metro 2034.Some online stores give us series a small cut if you buy something through one of our links.One way of judging which countries universe are the most interested in the series is by looking at the statistics of the official Russian website for the Universe.