mcafee web gateway 7.2.0

Life-cycle support : An analysis of the MWG configuration management system mcafee and associated documentation was performed.
11.2 Independent Functional Testing During this evaluation, the evaluator developed independentfunctional tests by examining design and guidance documentation, examining the developer's test mcafee documentation, executing a sample of the developer's test cases, and creating test cases that augmented the developer tests.
EWA-Canada is the ccef that conducted the evaluation.When adding or editing a group: First, enter the name gateway of the Group into the.A detailed description of the MWG architecture is found in Section 2 of the Security Target (ST).This certification report makes reference to the following trademarks or registered trademarks: McAfee is a registered trademark of McAfee, Inc.Immediate children of Root option, or the, children n gateway levels below Root option.By default, mcafee Active Directory Users and Computers mcafee hides the real attribute gateway names.

11.4 Conduct of Testing MWG was subjected to gateway a comprehensive suite of formally documented, independent functional and penetration tests.
A security games target is a requirements specification document that defines the scope of the evaluation activities.
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The Target of Evaluation (TOE) for this Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) original 2 augmented evaluation is McAfee Web Gateway Version (hereafter referred to as MWG from McAfee Inc.Arrangement on the Recognition of Common Criteria Certificates and that the product original will be listed on the CCS Certified Products list (CPL) and the Common Criteria portal (the official website of the Common Criteria Project).7 Assumptions and Clarification serial of Scope Consumers of MWG should consider assumptions about usage and environmental settings as requirements for the products installation and its operating environment.The detailed testing activities, including mcafee configurations, procedures, test cases, expected results and observed results are documented in a separate Test Results document.Communications Security Establishment Canada, as the CCS Certification Body, declares that the MWG evaluation meets all the conditions of the.Relative to root: Use this option to select OUs relative to the Root Distinguished Name that you specified on the.Further details on these games security policies may be found in Section 6 of the.The penetration tests focused on: Use of automated vulnerability scanning tools to discover potential network, games platform and application layer vulnerabilities; and Leakage Verification.9 Documentation The McAfee Inc.This certification report is associated with the certificate of product evaluation dated 20 November, and the security target identified in Section 4 of this report.Additionally, the evaluators conducted a search of public domain vulnerability databases to identify MWG potential vulnerabilities.10 Evaluation Analysis Activities The evaluation analysis activities involved a structured evaluation of MWG, including the following areas: Development: The evaluators analyzed the MWG functional specification and design documentation; they determined that the design completely and accurately describes the TOE security functionality (TSF) interfaces, the.