Looking madonna for a home, i found myself madonna madonna in crowded rooms, feeling so alone.
No laughter substitute in the dark, no one-night stand, no far-off land.
Drowned world substitute / Substitute for love.
I substitute found a new religion, face the truth, no substitute for love.It all became a silly madonna game, some things cannot be bought.I suffered fools madonna so gladly, and now I find I changed my mind.I've had a change of heart.

Of basking creator roxio in my spotlight, i never madonna felt fulfilled, and now I media find I changed my mind.
I had so many lovers who settled for the thrill.
Drowned World / Substitute For Love.
I had so many lovers, who settled for the thrill, of media basking in my spotlight.
No ferris wheel, no heart love to steal.No Ferris wheel, no heart to steal, laughter in the dark.Substitute for love, face the truth, no substitute for love.Running, rushing, back for more, I suffered fools so gladly.No famous faces, far easy off places, trinkets I can't buy.

My substitute for love, my substitute for love, i traveled 'round the world.
I will wait for you, no madonna no substitute for love substitute for love, face the truth, no substitute for love.