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Kensou in arcade version Brazil : The circuit of Interlagos, in the king city games of São Paulo.
Instead of a strict three fighters and king one striker format, this installment introduces the Tactical Order System, which allows the player to fighter select which characters will they control in combat king and which characters will serve as strikers.
In the tournament finals, the Hero Team boards a special blimp that is soon revealed to be a spaceship.It is the first of two KOF games published king by games Korean company Eolith after.LE December 3, 2018, genre, fighting game, game modes.Korea: The Bulguksa Temple, in the city of Gyeongju.He decides to entertain his passengers with a match and is backed up by his pet black lion Glugan, Ron, and Krizalid.

As soon as he's about to kill K other fighters came to intervene and help in star the school fight including all team leaders, Kyo and Iori.
The battle takes in the race track, with a crowd, some women, Formula 1 cars and a sign with the words São Paulo '01, in the background.
Before each match, the player can form a team configuration of soccer four fighters and no strikers, to one king fighter and three strikers.
In Original-B, the stage is empty and it's already night.
high Iori Yagami, vanessa, ramon, seth, fatal Fury Team, terry Bogard.This game also is the final chapter of the " nests chornicles " Saga.Gameplay of May Lee.The game was kostenlos produced by the Korean-based company Eolith and developed by BreezzaSoft, a company formed by former SNK employees.In Original-B, the stage lights are golden.USA : The city of Las Vegas.Story: Time has passed since most of Southtown was decimated by the now-destroyed Zero Cannon.Note 2 : In arcade mode versus, the stages are automatic.In console versions, the fight takes in a platform on the track and, in Original-B, takes place during the sunset.The battle takes place in a courtyard next to the temple, with people watching and cheering with the fight, some dressed with special suits, besides the game's logo, in the left.They are now joined by former Ikari Team member Whip and the assassin Lin formerly from Benimarus Team, both of whom are seeking the destruction of nests as well.The fight takes in a street full of money, with people cheering in the background, besides neon signs, including one of Playboy's bunny, photographers, vehicles, palm trees, buildings and plaques with the city's name kostenlos and the words gambler, loser and winner.Andy Bogard, joe Higashi, blue Mary, art of Fighting Team.He congratulates them for reaching the finals and states that they're headed for nests's real headquarters.The third title in the King of Fighters: The nests Chronicles.

King, mai Shiranui, hinako Shijo, li Xiangfei, psycho Soldier Team.
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