Now youve got the locked keyboard removed, and youre ready to reinstall pavilion the new one.
As long as youve got the cable plugged in correctly, it should work pavilion with no problems.
This will loosen the keyboard cable.
Step 4: Remove Keyboard.
Answer, it means the HP locked software pavilion that controls the Quick Launch Keys on your HP laptop isnt functioning.Now that youve got the keyboard back on, flip it back over onto its back, and reinstall all eight screws.Carefully locked work the cable out of its slot by pulling back towards the screen.Step 2: Remove Necessary Screws, there are a total of eight screws that youll need to remove pavilion to get to the keyboard: Five black screws, and three smaller silver screws.

You can do this using the Flathead capture screwdriver, fingernails, or a coin.
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Step 3: Remove Keyboard Shield, next, well have to locked remove alcohol the shield that holds the keyboard in place.Be careful not to damage it, the cables are fragile.Silver keyboard with backlight for use only with computer models equipped with an Intel processor (includes backlight cable For use in Canada, for use in the United States.Okay, to start with, youll need: Replacement keyboard (Part# phillips Head Screwdriver, flat Head Screwdriver (for prying off cover).Remove the memory module/wireless module compartment cover (see on page, battery on page 44).Shut down the computer.If you locked with press that black lever back it will fix capture the cable.I dont always have time to reply to all of the questions in the comments, but Im glad this post has been helpful to so many!Step 1: Remove RAM cover and Battery.Since I recently had to replace a keyboard on a laptop, and couldnt capture find any pavilion resources on replacing it for this model, I thought Id go ahead and do a run-through for anyone else who may need this.Before removing the keyboard, follow these steps:.