If hard all squares becomes Green then your warning hard health disk's surface is in a health good health disk condition.
If your hard drive is healthy, then you should see under Health Status: status Good.
However, after having put the storage device through several performance tests, the results showed no issues.
Acronis Drive Monitor is no challenge to use and configure, regardless of your computer knowledge.
If your hard drive is not healthy then you should see under Health Status: Caution note: If hard disk's health status, is not in a good condition, this means that you must give additional attention to your drive and your data.On a USB disk, DVD, etc.) and from time to time to check your hard disk for possible damages, by using a hard disk diagnostic utility.HD tune comes in two versions the Free and the PRO one.Analysis and to perform a surface scan on any internal or external hard drive.Perform a surface scan to the drive by using.

To accomplish this task you can use one of metro the following series free HDD diagnostic utilities that works with all hard drives.
The first two systems were equipped with hard disks from Seagate (ST9500420ASG and ST310005 28AS, respectively) whose.M.A.R.T.
The application also retrieves critical event messages from Windows Event Log.
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How to read.M.A.R.T and Test your Hard Drive for problems.If you need to read part of a file you will notice your system will stall for a moment (possibly up to two minutes while the drive tries, and tries, (and retries, and retries ) to read the sector - hoping it can get.It means there is data on the disk that the hard drive is unable to read.If your hard drive is healthy, then you should see at the bottom of HD isabel Tune window: Health status: OK *.However, the issues with the other two Seagate drives still remain and should be addressed as soon mind as possible.You need to hope that either: eventually allende the disk gets a good read, moves the data to a new sector, and blocks that damaged sector from ever being used again you don't care too much about the data in that sector.If you happen to try to read what is in that sector (e.g.If you have the Acronis backup solution installed on the system, it will alert you in case house a backup operation failed to complete successfully or if it has not been run for a long time.Download and install, crystalDiskInfo application.HD Tune (see below ) to find out throne the extend of damage.And how to scan the hard disk surface for possible damages.

So the drive hard disk health status warning retries a few time, before giving up - for now - and marking.
Attribute and their interpretation.
Moreover, it retrieves Windows Event Log information that can warn you of imminent hard disk failure.