And at about the 4:45 mark, he talks about the difference between GDP and GNP: Stiglitz says that around 1990, GDP supplanted GNP product as the primary measure of national economic progress.
This records an increase from the previous number of 248.424 USD bn for Dec 2018.
Gross, domestic Product national can also be calculated on a per capita (or per person) basis to give national a relative example of the economic development of nations.
Calculation, how GDP is calculated, gDP of a country is defined as the total market value of all final goods and services produced product within a country in a given period of time (usually a calendar year).
The most common approach to measuring and understanding GDP is the expenditure method: GDP consumption investment (government spending) (exports imports), or, GDP C I G (X-M).If economic activity occurs in the country but the income from this activity accrues to foreigners, it will still be counted in GDP but not national in GNP.In some cases GNP will also be calculated by subtracting the capital gains of foreign nationals or companies earned domestically.The three methods yield the same result because total expenditures on goods and services (GNE) is equal to the value of goods and services produced (GNP) which is equal to the total income paid to the factors that produced the goods and services (GNI).Ceic converts quarterly Gross National Product into USD.This gives a much more realistic picture than the income of foreign nationals in the country as it is more dependable and permanent in nature.However, sometimes increase in exports might only lead to increase in GDP and not GNP.A regions GDP is one of many ways of measuring the size gross of its local economy whereas the GNP measures the overall economic strength of a country.GNP, it stands for Gross National Product.Calculation of Gross National Product, there are number of ways of calculating Gross National Product numbers.Series ID, name, indonesia Gross National Product, country.

It is also considered the sum of value added at every stage of production (the patch intermediate stages) of all national final goods and services produced within a country in patch a given period of time.
Gross National Product can also be calculated on a per capita basis to demonstrate the consumer buying power of an individual from a particular country, and an estimate of average wealth, wages, and ownership distribution in a society.
The Economist plotted SPI data against per capita GDP to see number windows which countries are "punching above their weight" in terms of social progress.
The exact cricket relationship will depend on the nationality status of the company doing the export or import.Last Date, mar 2019, last Updated, statistics.Indonesia Gross National Product, series Details.Gross national income (GNI) game is defined as gross domestic product, plus net receipts from abroad of compensation of employees, property income and net taxes less subsidies on production.This indicator is based on GNI at current prices and is available in different measures: US dollars and US dollars per capita (both in current PPPs).Indonesias Gross National Product data is updated quarterly, averaging.116 USD bn from Mar 1993 to Mar 2019, with 105 observations.The income approach and the closely related output approach sum wages, rents, interest, profits, non-income charges, and net foreign factor income earned.GDP (or Gross Domestic Product) may be compared directly with GNP (or Gross National Product to analyze the relationship between a countrys export business and local economy.Property income receivable from/payable to abroad includes interest, dividends, and all (or part of) retained earnings of foreign enterprises owned fully (or in part) by resident enterprises (and vice versa).How GNP is calculated, there are various ways of calculating GNP numbers.GNP stands for, gross National Product.However, Costa Rica performs significantly better than Iran on measures of social progress.

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Here is a video of economist Phil Holden explaining the difference between GNP and GDP and talking about how they are measured and how accurate they are.
But some economists have argued gross national product of india that GDP is a flawed metric because it does not measure the economic well being of society.