(A) Rules whose observance knowledge is expected in a society (B) Laws whose violation invariably leads to punishment (C) Principles accepted as normal by sociology (D) Codes which are book prescribed in sacred texts Ans : (A).
The Constitution of India was passed by the Constituent Assembly on (A) 17th October, general 1949 (B) 14th November, 1949 (C) 26th November, 1949 (D) 26th January, 1950 Ans : (C).
Ans : (B).
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Walter Scott, answer: Option.(A) Anomie (B) Horizontal mobility (C) Evolutionary process general model (D) Reference group Ans : (D).The lead character in the film questions 'The Bandit Queen' has been answers played.(A) Benzoic acid (B) Citric acid (C) Ethylene dichloride (D) Sodium chloride.

Ans : (C).
Which one of update the following book is indonesia not krentz covered under the Element book of Social Structure?
To which of the following patterns of social change, can the process of Sanskritization in India be compared?Iron is stored in the tissues as (A) ferrous (B) ferric (C) ferritin (D) dawn haem, ans : (C).Which of the following is not a criterion of caste?The act of emptying the bladder or passing urine is termed as (A) urination (B) excretion (C) micturition (D) none of these.Which of the following is NOT written by Munshi Premchand?Look Back book in Anger.Download, fine Arts-General Knowledge Questions Answers, download, first Last in Indians, download, first Expeditioners, Invader, Space, Visitors.Manasorovar update Answer: Option C Explanation: No answer description available for this question.Rajendra Prasad (D).

(A) Hereditary occupation general knowledge questions and answers 2013 book (B) Endogamy (C) Exogamy (D) Hierarchy Ans : (C).
Which one among the following provides the highest amount, per unit mass of roughage to our diet?