Besides these plugins, GMate also comes with language improvements and gedit mime types and around 100 themes, of which most have been converted from TextMate.
Open gedit and go to, edit - Preferences - Plugins and select the gedit plugin you want to activate.
Navigation in Rails Project Files.
This is ubuntu a search plugin for Gedit to search for a text inside a directory.Fast change current highlight mode.To install GMate in Ubuntu, use the following commands: sudo plugins apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-on-rails/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gedit-gmate, this package will not ubuntu replace Gedit!Code Comment : During coding, its good gedit practice to put some meaningful comment this plugin will help you in making a line comment without moving the cursor gedit as it will detect the language and make the lines ubuntu comment accordingly.Install Some cool plugins in gedit.Since gedit, like any other great free software, supports plugin-approach to extend the functionality, this post is all about some cool gedit plugins that will help you in programming with gedit text editor.

GMate is a collection for gedit plugins who uses.
Most of the ultimate Rails developers prefer TextMate which is a proprietary application for Mac OS X, On Ubuntu GMate is a good alternative of TextMate.
Smart Indentation regex based.
There are some cool plugins installed raveniso by default, so you birthday just need to enable it mcafee from preferences plugins.
For Example if you are writing a CSS code for a web designing project, then a CSS style can be used several times in the project.Tag List burncd : To insert a string/tag without typing it again.File codes vegas Browser : Thats really very useful when youre editing multiple files together, as it can show you the files in a hierarchy.Gedit comes installed by default with the.Org directly from editor.So it may help you in increasing your coding speed.Check it out at author's tool page.