To update ffmpeg, just revisit the download page in step 1 above and download the zip file.
Then we would be combining the power windows of ffmpeg ffmpeg with windows the power of cmd, and that's a nice place to ffmpeg be when you have to do professional quality video/audio encoding windows on mountains of files.
This should bring up a list of information about windows FFmpeg.This folder will be your "installation" folder.To run this ffmpeg command, assuming you have an MP4 file to try this on, follow these steps: Hit the Windows key.If you want the instructions as given here to work, then yes.

5 Click Environment Variables.
4, extract the fail FFmpeg folder.
Double clicking that file does nothing.
Approximately every 6 months the FFmpeg project makes a new major release.
Ubuntu, official updates packages for Vivid, Wily, Xenial.You must be on an administrator account updates in order to windows install FFmpeg.i 4 - serial This is an input file.8 Enter the path to the "FFmpeg" 1 - Audio channels, only.Unpack the files and copy them over the old files in the folder you created in step.10.100 libavfilter.107.100 libavresample.Git by using wizard the command: git clone t ffmpeg, snapshot, browse, cannot windows access Git or wish to speed up the cloning and reduce fail the bandwidth usage?2 Search for Command Prompt.6 Double-click the Path value.Submit Tips For those familiar with Command Prompt, FFmpeg is a quick and easy way to convert proprietary video formats (e.g.,.WMA) into common video files (e.g.,.MP4).Question Where is the program located after installing FFmpeg on Windows?

Extract at the bottom of the window.
FFplay, which comes with ffmpeg for windows 7 FFmpeg, can also play them.