The all-in-one chassis places the internal components behind the display, dell and while it may not be as trim as the.
Im sure this is in part due to the decent amount of space in the case, with the slightly bulbous chassis providing room for decent cooling.
Dell has done a dell brilliant job with the XPS 27 All-in-One.
An Ethernet port is available for wired networking, but the XPS 27 One (2720) is also equipped with Kireless Wireless N 1202, which offers both 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.0 connectivity.
Theyre located in a recess cut into the back of the case and hidden behind the stands dell hinge.Hats off to Dell, then, for building the XPS 27 with thick enough sides to include a USB.0 port,.5mm audio jack and an touchscreen SD card reader.With a Delta E score.74 (where a score thats closer to zero means a perfectly accurate screen it shows that the screen can display colours with a good degree of accuracy.On the back of the system you'll find more ports.With its 27-inch display, the XPS 27 is rather an imposing all-in-one measuring 435 x 625 x 80mm.A dell 2TB, 7200rpm hard dell drive offers spacious storage for all your data, and it's paired with a 32GB solid-state drive to ensure rapid boot times and snappy performance.Its full-sized with a numeric keypad.Its a shame that there are no video inputs, which means you cant use the XPS 27s inch screen for external devices touchscreen such as games consoles.

The XPS xfinity 27 screen is bright and clear, if a little glossy.
More importantly, the home camera supports Windows Hello, so you can use facial recognition to unlock Windows.
Brian Westover, dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One (2720) The Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One (2720) all-in-one desktop updates the best Windows 8 PC around with Intel's latest hardware, setup and comes templates up a winner.Reinforcing the audio are two down-firing full-range speakers and two passive radiators to provide bass.This chip is fairly book middle-of-the home road and certainly wont cope with 4K gaming.Playing at drawing 1080p is possible, though.But as far as Windows all-in-ones go, the Dell XPS 27 is at the top of the tree.