PS : Trouble shooting on copy this?
Insert your Original Snow Leopard DVD.
This is the exact thing you copy did to the USB Installer drive earlier.
This is how I got my system working.You can test if you have QE/CI enabled snow by pressing F12 (Dashboard) and trying to add a widget.I tailored the install method specifically for my computer, a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 motherboard with an Intel Core i5 leopard 750 processor, 4gb of ill Ripjaws 1600 RAM leopard and a Sparkle snow nVidia GeForce 9400 GT 1GB graphics card.If you dont install this file, the system clock will run too fast causing system-wide problems.Open Kext Helper.In the Name: field type: copy Snow Leopard In Format: field select leopard Mac OS Extended (Journaled).Open and place tonymacx86-snowleopard folder on the desktop.Replace each reference of the Qoopz kernel in the above guide with the Vanilla.6.2 kernel.There are a few invaluable programs to allow you to do these tasks effortlessly.Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.Move your.dmg to the top of the Mac Onstall DVD.Right click and rename the folder.6.0 Extensions.

Right click on Snow Leopard in Finder or Desktop.
Drag /System/Library/Extensions folder onto Kext Utility application.
Click Load Optimized Defaults and security accept.
The following is not meant to be a definitive method for installing OS X on PC hardware.You may use something else such as xt, and vegas youll never have to replace review anything, but I prefer this one as it maps the ins and outs directly for the UD2 motherboard.Step 12: enable quartz extreme AND core image (QE/CI) This step number is necessary only if you don't have the full power of your graphics card already.Go to Utilities/Terminal Type: review rm /Volumes/Snow Leopard/mach_kernel Type: cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/Snow Leopard/ Reboot Boot back into InstallDrive, then pause Chameleon countdown and select Snow Leopard Proceed to step 9, then install Chameleon, /Extra, boot, l following step 7 8 and the rest of the guide.Save to Desktop, insert your USB mcafee Drive or External USB Hard Drive.PS : This options appears before Clover Installer.Note: This guide assumes you have access to a working OS X install- the fastest and easiest way to get the job done.Testing and working in El Capitan patch and Yosemite, El Capitan User your must disable patch SIP Security.Step 7: install chameleon TO snow leopard drive After installing, the computer will restart.In Snow Leopard, drag Extra to trash.In this step, we must prepare a USB Drive to act as an installer for.When you finally get to the desktop, restart the computer.Follow this here New way here.Type your password and click easy install.Step 6: boot from USB drive AND install Opon this restart, the USB Installer will boot using Chameleon boot loader.