cod mw2 10th prestige hack ps3

Mrbrwn 15:16, November 8, 2010 (UTC all I prestige can say is that MW2 hack has ruined prestige the prestige PC community's collective objectivity.
Okay right now im prestige assuming you prestige have patch.11 or above and hack this only works with.09.
Any questions ask meyou can pm me or if you are confused i can do it for you enjoy.Hey whenever i play a game of COD MW2 people continuously accuse someone of being a hacker.After you sign in go to split screen and load up GSY go to the lobby and see that you are 9th prestige.go back and load up the hack file now you will get an error this is good.Go to this link: make sure YOU watch THE VID AND iont.He.33 and is on PSN.Idk how to post the actual pic so im just going to post it in the attachments.What you need is a patch blocker which is in the attachment folder and the GSY and hack files that im just going to add as an attachment also.That's because back then, if someone was hacking or not, you could easily tell, because you weren't paranoid of the existence of hackers in every single server.I myself have been accused of hacking (PC) more times than I care to mention, and it had gotten to point that I would just laugh ironically at the accuser(s) and sarcastically agree, or perhaps even try to explain how their logic was flawed.(i dont recommend signing prestige in just yet).go to gamedata at the top of the game row/column whichever is up and down and delete the mw2 file.This is a discussion on 10th Prestige Hack Ps3 within the, coD 6 hacks board part of the CoD 6 forum category; Hey all enjoy the Guide.Made 1 kill : insta-lvl up to lvl 70 (i was 30) ruined the game for me (but does give me access to some weaponry i've wanted real bad) I'm on PC btw SenPoRomSVTuner.

So I specialists haven't experienced any hacked lobbies.
(you just deleted the crack patch) w home load up modern warfare.go to multiplayer.when that screen loads press the ps button and home sign.
So you need an internet connection, ps3 compatible flash drive, patchblocker, and the GSY and the hack files.
When I systems went to the center of the map, I was about to kill someone, then me and my entire team died.SVTuner 19:16, April 9, 2010 (UTC as far as I know, there are no systems hacked servers on the PS3.Ok so your getdataback patch blockers on and your on a proxy connected to the internet.Because of the rampant hacking problems, people who are in actuality, not hacking, end up being lumped in with the people are actually hacking.Now go to prestige go all the way through and get another error this is also good w go to the splitscreen sign in page and re load GSY go to the lobby again.Earlier today, I was playing TDM on Favela, and I found a hacker.Not a single person.Some of my PSN friends have done the 10th prestige hack though.After that go back to splitscreen and go to the lobby because the hack file is still loaded.When I looked at my killcam, there was some guy on the other side of the map scrolling through a list of cheats, then he selected an auto-aim hack.Even killcams are inconclusive at first glance: what appears to be the player looking at the victim through the wall could merely be a coincidence, and other factors such as UAV and hearing footsteps cannot really be accounted for in many cases.Such things include aimbots and wall hacks but whatelse is there besides them i got on this hacked server by accident.Incrognito 17:32, November 8, 2010 (UTC).I hope fervently that Black Ops will bring back that sense of objectivity.Back in the CoD 4 days, I could go 72-11 on a server in hctdm and no one would accuse me of hacking.

But in the end, there is simply no convincing some people.
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