It's my wife's messages birthday 2morrow.
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First, u happy were a messages good BOY Then, u became a nice KID U were then a great GUY Later, u grew up 2 be a fine MAN, Now, u're just an old fart.
It's the life in your years You're so email vintage when you gaze at your birth certificate it email said expired You recognize the detail that you're getting animated older when the candles cost more than the Bday baked cake.Moreover, iOS 10 turns Messages into a software platform of its own with support for third-party iMessage Apps, stickers and other downloadable items via the App Store.The Best way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once.The iOS 10 Messages app lets you send happy email messages with one of its built-in full-screen animations for added impact: Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks and Shooting Star.Happy Birthday.Happy birthday my love enjoy ur day.

For games example, heres Happy Birthday in xbox Croatian, my games mother tongue, German and games Japanese.
Download now Size:.48MB License: Freeware Price: games Free By: Yahoo!
Now looks a lot nicer.Download now, size: 531KB License: Shareware Price: EUR6.9 By: Numbook, windows Live Messenger 2012.4.3508, it has everything you already love about Messenger your contact list, emoticons.and video plus new ways to connect and share photos and documents build ef for tlessly.The museum cura2r called 2day spoke games in animated t1s.U smell like a monkey.Since I believe in kiss?

So I shall talk 2 u in animated happy birthday email messages person there, because I don't know 2 express my feelings in SMS.
In a message, the app will use the Confetti animation.