With the aloaha development of the aloaha digital signature the destination was traced to develop one of the personal signature equivalent signature method with which on electronic way data can be signed.
IS untrusted root H20 The certificate or certificate chain is based aloaha on an untrusted root.
Invalid basic constraints sign H400 The certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain has a aloaha basic constraints extension, and either the certificate cannot be used to issue other certificates, or the chain path length has been exceeded.
By the certificate check can be proved that the signature was not faked and the certificate owner is real.For evey status of a signature a bitmask representing the signature quality is being created and used as the directory name.A p7m file is a digitally signed electronic envelope containing the original file.15 Usage Digitally Sign This software is developed to be able to check or to indicate digital signatures.Note: It is suggested to install all Aloaha aloaha products in the same directory.HAS excluded name constraint gratuito H8000 The certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain has a name constraints extension, and one of the name choices in the end certificate is explicitly excluded.25 aloaha Usage 25 HAS NOT supported name constraint H1000 The certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain has a name constraints extension that contains unsupported fields.In full extent, it makes sense to instal also the Aloaha PDF suite or the Aloaha Signator.You have the possibility to sign documents.IS offline revocation H The revocation status of the certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain is either offline or stale.You need one of the Aloaha PDF Products to apply digital signatures to PDF Documents.

The encryption of the Hash value takes place on the card with electronic chip processor which can process smaller data volumes.
They are admitted in court as an evidence.
The requirements for a certified signature are given when: this can be associated exclusively to the signatory who admits unequivocal identification of the signatory with means is created which only the signatory controls makes every additional update of the signed data evident sign is based.17 Usage 17 Confirm the certificate while you click on the field with the green hook.Xplode, elimina tutti gli aloaha adware sul tuo computer.FAQ Can I use Aloaha sign!21 Usage Certificate check In this item you find information to the particular certificate.Under you find a list of all accredited Certification Service Provider (trust centres).CTL IS NOT time valid H20000 A CTL used to create this chain was not time valid.11 Usage View Views: In the menu View you have following possibilities to display documents: View Original means the fact that if the original document aloaha was created in MS Word, this is opened to view also in MS Word!Supports PDF Signature, Mass signing and native signing smartcards.MotioninJoy, utilizzare sul PC il controller della Playstation.Was developed to view digitally signed files and to check digital signatures.What is a p7m file?Here another window opens.Invalid extension H100 One of the certificates has an extension that is not valid.

This subdirectory can be configured in Suspicious PDF Documents aloaha sign 5.0.12 gratuito are sorted into the subdirectory suspicious.
Legal electronic calculations can be created.